Transferring Dirt from Your Horse to Yourself: AKA Grooming

2 Apr
We tend to find that once you have a brush you like, you protect it with your life. However, if you are getting your first grooming box or looking to add some new tools, we have put together a list of some of our favorite suggestions for your grooming kit that you and your horse will love!

Curry Combs

curryingA great curry comb will be the first on your list! Curry combs are a big favorite of horse and rider! They are perfect for some heavy duty dirt and hair removal while doubling a massage for your horse!! Curry combs lift the dirt and hair from the horse’s coat and bring it to the surface so you can easily brush it away. They are also great at helping to rub out sweat marks after a ride, scrub shampoo into your horse’s coat during a bath, and help you makes some serious progress during shedding season. For most curry combs they work best when used in a rhythmic, circular motion with some good old fashion elbow grease. 

The jelly scrub mitt is one of our all-time favorite grooming tools!! It fits great on your hand making it easy to groom uneven or small areas of your horse.

With two convenient sides to the brush, it is gentle enough for faces and legs while also being effective enough to remove large patches of dirt and mud from the body.  One side of the jelly scrub mitt has large, round rubber pimples for the heavy duty cleaning and the other has very small, fine rubber teeth perfect for the sensitive areas of your horse.  You really can’t go wrong with this brush and you will find yourself grabbing it every time you pull your horse in for a grooming session!

oster fine curryOster has two great rubber curry comb options. The Fine Curry Comb has thin, flexible rubber fingers which are perfect for lifting dirt from the more sensitive areas such as their face, bony areas or legs.  





oster coarse curryThe other option, which is the Oster Coarse Curry Comb, has thick,  rubber fingers for a more heavy duty cleaning. Booth options have specially designed handles to provide better grip and to reduce hand fatigue.


grooming mittThe rubber grooming mitt is a great all purpose tool! It easily fits over your hand eliminating the need to hold a bulky brush in your hand!  The grooming mitt is gentle enough for use over the whole body, and especially amazing for bathing!

Other basic curry combs come in an oval shape with concentric circles of teeth, in both metal and rubber options.

Shedding Tools

sheddingThough you can use your favorite curry comb for shedding your wooly mammoth come spring time we have a few favorite tools for you to use when your horse friends are shedding out their winter coat! Using a tool made distinctly for helping to shed out your horses is going to help you save time by getting more of the hair off faster. Depending on the tool you use, you generally shed out your horse using short, brisk strokes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur first recommendation for getting the job done is a shedding blade. It is a long, flexible piece of metal with plastic handle coverings on each end. One side has little teeth to pull the hair out, and the other, smooth side can be used as a sweat scraper. You can either use it with the handles connected to make a “U” shape or use it straight with a handle on each end!

slick n' easyAnother great tool when shedding out your horse is the Slick ‘N Easy Grooming Block.  This is a good one and not only sheds out your horse but helps to also remove dust and dirt to leave your horse’s coat looking shinier in minutes.  Simply remove the wrapper and hold the grooming block by one of it’s long edges. Then scrape the horse’s coat in the direction of hair growth in short rapid strokes.  Another great use is to remove bot fly eggs from your horse’s hair in the Summer.  Win, win!!

When the side begin to get rounded simply run it along a concrete sidewalk or floor to sharpen it back up!

Stiff or Dandy Brush

brushing_800Once you have curried all that dirt and hair to the surface, you’re going to need to brush it away!  That’s where your stiff brush or dandy brush is going to come in handy.

The stiff brush or dandy brush is best used with short, brisk strokes and an added flick of the wrist to help remove the dirt and hair away from the body.  This is the part where you will start to wear a lot of the dirt that was on your horse.

While the variety of stiffness is huge, the brush you choose is personal preference (or your horse’s preference!). So, we are going to give you a few options here. 

oster stiff

The Oster Stiff Brush is a great medium-stiff brush with longer, densely packed bristles and an ergonomically contoured design to fit nicely in your hand and reduce hand fatigue.




beastie brushThe Beastie Brush is a fun, popular brush!! It is really going to add some color to your tack box. The nylon bristles are densely packed with a  medium stiffness that gives a nice “flick” when you’re brushing away the loose hair and dirt.  It’s stiff and dense enough to really get your horse clean without irritating their skin. They come in both a 6″ option for smaller hands and an 8″ inch option. An added bonus?  It’s really economically priced!


The Champion Professional Grooming Brushes are an excellent quality, professional line of brushes with numerous options in size, back material, bristle material, and stiffness. They make finding your favorite brush of all time super easy. So, whether you’re looking for a really stiff brush to get off those layers of mud or something a little softer because your horse is bit more sensitive, there will be an option for you with the Champion Brush Line.  They are the closest thing to a custom brush that you can get!!

The Haas grooming brushes are a line we liked SO much that we decided to put our name on them.  Yeah, we really like them. They are a very high quality brush at a price that your wallet will love! They have a few dandy and stiff brushes that we think everyone needs in their tack box.

Haas handy stiff brushThe Haas Handy Stiff Brush is the perfect hand size. The medium size brush is slender making it easier to hold and easier to control your brush strokes. With stiff synthetic bristles that measure a little over 1″ it is perfect for digging deep and whisking away dirt.


haas dandyThe Haas Dandy Brush is perfect for all around brushing.  The synthetic, 5cm long bristles make this brush soft enough for your sensitive horses yet sturdy!



haas countryThe Haas Country Brush is one of our favorites and is a great medium brush for everyday dirt. Only pure natural horsehair was used to make the bristles of environmentally friendly brush. The oiled wooden back and strong natural bristles give this grooming brush great cleaning power. Features a convenient handle for keeping the brush on your hand!

Soft Brush

shining horseNow that you have removed the majority of the dirt and hair, it’s time to make that horse shine!!

Using a soft finishing brush brings out the natural oils in your horse’s coat making them shine.

There are lots of different options for your soft and finishing brushes and just like your stiff or dandy brush it really comes down to your personal preference. Some of these brushes are made with synthetic bristles but the softest and the ones that will bring up the most shine are made out of real hair. Take your time when using your soft brush and concentrate on the areas where you would like additional shine with brisk, flicking motions. We have some brush recommendations for you to get the most shine out of your grooming experience!

osterfinishingOster’s excellent Soft Finishing Brush features densely packed soft natural bristles, and is easy on sensitive horses. As an added bonus, the handle is contoured to fit your hand!




The Haas Small Horsehair Brush is almost perfect hand size. This brush has a hard plastic backing with medium-soft horsehair which makes it perfect for grooming sensitive areas or to get a nice shiny gleam from your horses coat. The elastic handle allows for children and adults alike to enjoy grooming with this brush.

haasgrundysfinestlargeThis is a great finishing brush and one of our favorites! The Haas Grundy’s Finest Large Horsehair Brush is made from soft black horsehair that is perfect for adding the finishing shine to your horse. The brush is a large size for covering a wide amount of space in a short amount of time and with an excellent density to the bristles, this brush is a must have in every grooming kit. It features a handle in the back to help keep your hand in the brush at all times!!


This super soft finishing brush is the ultimate finishing brush to make your horse SHINE and the ultimate way to pamper your horse. The Haas Diva Brush pampers your horse with a soft lambswool center with an outer row of medium stiff bristles. The lambswool takes it to the next level for the finishing touch!


Mane and Tail Combs

mane pulling

Having the right tools to brush out your horse’s tail and mane will help the job be easier and keep your horse’s beautiful mane and tail intact. Generally, before combing your horse’s tail you should apply a conditioner or detangler to help you loosen the tangles without pulling out too much hair.  You should always start at the bottom of the strand of hair to detangle any knots and then work your way up the hair to the root of the hair in order to prevent any unnecessary breakage.  Here are a few of our favorite tools for taming that mane and tail!


oster mane brushOster’s Mane and Tail Brush is one of our absolute favorite brueshe for tackling a mane or tail. It’s perfect for those large, thick tails, and is especially popular because it tends to pull  or snag very few hairs. Their Mane and Tail Comb has fine fingers to gently clean and massage sensitive areas. It also features Oster’s signature contoured, economical handle to reduce hand fatigue.


metal maneMane pulling is an essential for stepping in the show ring.  It keeps your horse looking tidy and the mane ready to braid. For mane pulling, small metal combs are popular for untangling manes and then wrapping the hair around to pull it out. The most basic is this aluminum pulling comb, but if you prefer a handle, check out this one.


solo combThe SoloComb is a great option for keeping your horse’s mane tidy for the more sensitive horses. It also tends to take less time than a traditional pulling comb. The metal blade that cuts the mane is retracted under plastic teeth, and can easily be replaced when dull.


Hoof Pick



Hoof picks are one of those things you can never have enough of. They also tend to disappear easily. From basic to deluxe, there are hoof picks to suit every need. Pick a hoof pick that feels comfortable in your hand and then scrape and dig out the build up in the hoof away from you and your horse’s body.



basic hoofpick



A basic metal hoof pick is a good size to fit in your hand and pocket and has a nice rubber coating on the handle.



hoof-pick-with-brushA slight step up, the deluxe hoof pick has a plastic handle and brush, useful for brushing off the front of the hooves and underneath once you get the dirt and mud out.




ultimate hoofpickThe Ultimate Hoof Pick, in both original and a junior size, is designed for maximum picking power and is specially designed to fit perfectly in your hand.



NO bottle openerIf you’re looking for the perfect hoof pick for the end of a long day, a trail, or a show we have just the hoof picks for you.

The Noble Outfitter 5 ‘O Clock Hoof pick is a great heavy duty hoof pick that doubles as a bottle opener!

It’s small enough to pack and take on the with you on the go measuring 7.6″ full length while also featuring an ergonomic handle that fits in your hand perfectly.

wine donwNoble Outfitters has put a new twist on the old hoof pick – a corkscrew! This classically styled hoof pick has an easy access wine opener concealed in its handle. Constructed with a 5mm thick stainless steel shank, the 8″ full-length handle makes this product well constructed as a hoof pick and a wine opener. 

This hoof pick is made of satin finish stainless steel with a genuine wood handle. The leather lanyard is not only a classic accent but it keeps this hoof pick within easy reach. With its contemporary look and unique design, the Wine Down Hoof Pick makes the ideal gift and is perfect for the horse and wine lover!


Grooming Kits

For a convenient place to store your stuff, there are a multitude of sizes and styles for grooming boxes, from plastic to beautifully finished wood. You can also use a small bucket, or for the ultimate in organization check out these great options for carrying around your tools!


nobeloutfitterstoteTools stay, dirt goes! The EquinEssential Tote by Nobel Outfitters is an organizational dream and one, a snap to carry and easy to clean. This uniquely hybrid tote is made with an easy-to-clean hard shell plastic interior and a 100% polyester canvas fabric exterior. It measures 12″X10″X15″ and is available in the color black. The innovative designed heavy-duty mesh bottom allows dirt and liquids to fall through easily. Other great features include:

  • Durable 600 denier, 100% polyester canvas fabric with water repellent finish and heavy-duty interior coating for easy care inside and out.
  • Hybrid hard-side tote: Canvas outside/plastic inside
  • Multiple divided pockets
  • Duraflex quick closure system-can hang anywhere
  • Mesh bottom allows dirt and liquid to fall through
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • heavy-duty hardware



Another one of our favorites for all of your grooming needs in this handy bag by Kensington. The Kensington Zipper Show Tote features include a protective plastic bottom to ensure your bag stays upright, a zipper pocket on the outside and bottle pockets on each side to store water bottles or shampoo. It is made from the same tough and durable fabric as all Kensington products which means its easy to clean and will last for years.

roma tota

The Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote is a great option for going to shows or keeping in your trailer.  It’s a bit smaller so it’s perfect for the essentials and taking things on the go.  This is a durable bag with compartments and a handle. It has several compartments for organization



equestria grooming set

The Equestria Grooming Set is a great starter kit for young horse lovers. The eight piece grooming set includes a collapsible grooming bag to hold all your tools. A Dandy brush will help get the dust and dirt off along with a body brush, a small face brush, sweat scraper, hoof pick, Mane comb and a Mane and Tail brush.



Now you have all the things you need in your grooming kit to transfer all the dirt from your horse to yourself! Hopefully you are able to find some brushes that both you and your horse enjoy!  For a full list of great grooming products and quality tack visit


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