All Decked Out

16 Aug
We know lots of  you are always on the hunt to find items to add to your tack trunk that are in your custom colors. Trust me…we are too! Whether it is to match your cross-country attire, barn colors, or you just have a favorite color combination that you love, we can help you get your color coordinated gear you need!

Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads are one of the most fun ways to sport your colors at the barn! We know having matching colors is REALLY important to your horse so here are a few of our favorites colorful saddle pads here at VTO Saddlery ! blue, brown and red-color coordinated blog

PRI Pads are a cotton quilted pad with a foam center. These pads are soft, durable pads with brushed fabric underneath to help keep it from slipping as well as nylon billet straps with velcro! These pads have a high-rise wither.

The reason we love it is because it comes in all sorts of AWESOME COLORS with colored piping!! Yay!!  The colors are already chosen so you don’t have to worry about making any extra decisions that you don’t want to. Whew!


The bonus? They come in both square and contoured variations in both dressage and all purpose so you have some serious options there!!



PRI All Purpose Square PadPRI all purpose

PRI Contour Dressage PadPRI dressage contour

PRI Contour All Purpose PadPRI all purpose contour


Mattes pads are another one of our absolute favorites.  If you LOVE your custom colors and want an extensive list of custom options look no further.  This pad is FOR YOU!

The extreme density of the wool for these saddle pads, combined with the upright position of the fibers, allows air flow between the fibers for excellent circulation, which provides superior padding and ideal pressure distribution.

In addition, the design, which does not have any seams through the wool in the saddle panel area, eliminates rubbing, friction, chafing, pressure points and heat build-up on the horse’s skin.

Natural sheepskin allows no bounce, but provides extremely high sweat absorption, as its fibers are capable of absorbing eight times their own weight in moisture before it even begins to feel wet.

Mattes pads are designed to be form-fitting, and to endure the rigors of both riding and cleaning. You’ll notice that the top line on all Mattes pads incorporate a high wither with an anatomically correct curvature. This design eliminates pinching or rubbing in the gullet area of the saddle, which can often be a result of the “straight” top lines found on other pads. You’ll also notice the pommel area on every pad is overlapped with sheepskin. All Mattes pads are designed this way to ensure the pad stays in place and does not shift or slide.

MELPMattes pad ARE machine washable. Liquid MELP is recommended to increase the longevity of the pads. MELP has re-greasing properties that restore the elasticity of the hides.

The mattes pads are a high quality pad that come in sooooo many different shape options depending on your preference AND they have correction options to help your saddle fit even better. So, you get to choose the design of your pad, you have the potential for better saddle fit AND you have the options to choose your own colors for the quilting, the trim, the piping, and even the sheepskin! We need to chat some more about these options!

Half Pad

Mattes Custom Quilted Half Padmattes quilted half pad

Mattes Custom Quilted Correction Half Padmatte quilted correction half pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Half Pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Correction Half Pad

Square Pads

Mattes Custom Quilted Square Pad

Mattes Custom Quilted Correction Square Padmattes sheepskin velvet collection half pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Square Pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Square Correction Saddle Padmattesveletsquareap

Eurofit Pads

Mattes Custom Quilted Euro-Fit Pad

Mattes Custom Quilted Euro-Fit Correction PadMattes Custom Quilted Euro-Fit Pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Eurofit Pad

Mattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Correction Eurofit PadMattes Sheepskin Velvet Collection Eurofit Pad

Mattes Velvet Collection Eurofit Pad

And wait til you get to see allllll the colors you can choose from!

On Your Head

A helmet cover is a fun and easy way to really show off your colors!!  It’s just an added bonus that it helps to protect your helmet and makes it easy for your friends to spot you on course!

The Charles Owen Helmet cover is made especially for the Charles Owen skull caps and comes in a variety of attractive colors! Made of 92% Polyester and 8% Elastane, this helmet cover is designed and shaped to correctly fit your skull cap with a flexible peak and Charles Owen emblem. This is the perfect additional to your cross-country or schooling attire.cohelmetcovers

If you want even more options, check out our helmet accessories page for more covers and helmet bags!

On Your Hands and Feet

Gloves are another fun way to wear some color! Whether you want to be subtle about your favorite color or blast your friends with an entire outfit, you’re going to need some gloves in your favorite color.

Our favorite colorful gloves are the SSG All Weather Gloves but really there are numerous styles and colors to choose from when it comes to gloves!

SSG All Weather Gloves are the perfect everyday riding glove and they come in some of your favorite colors! They are unlined, long wearing and machine washable  all without shrinking.  These glove have a soft aquasuede palm,  are color fast and sweat absorbing with a strong elasticized back for cool comfortable fit. They won’t stiffen when dry…and we all know that can get gross but they wash like a rag, wears like iron.

SSG colors


You’re going to need some new lucky socks to match those new colorful gloves! As much as you love them, the ones with the holes probably aren’t that lucky any more. We have every color you could possibly want, so do us all a favor and retire the ratty ones. You can check out our selection here but you should know by now that we have some of our favorites to share with you:

noble peddiesNoble Outfitters Peddies socks from Noble Outfitters are a boot sock like no other! Ultra thin calf material stretches up to your knee and fits great under a tall boot or is perfect for warm weather riding.

This sock has an ankle shield that offers padded protection for boot pinch points a padded heel and toe offer additional protection. A lightweight and breathable panel stretches across the top of your foot to keep your feet cool and comfortable all ride long. We really love the wide variety of colors and patterns that they come in.  Perfect for matching to your favorite riding colors!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAZocks are probably some of the most fun socks out there.  They are a riding Sock that is constructed with a Nylon/Lycra blend in knee-high height. They are incredibly lightweight, cool and incredibly thin making them perfect for wearing under your tall boots. The spectacularly crazy Zocks from Ovation, feature wild designs on super slinky boot socks which can help you to really match your riding ensemble to a “T”! 

tuffrider socksThese Cotton Boot Socks come in some GREAT color combinations for matching your riding get up! They are designed to meet the unique needs of riders to provide excellent comfort and support and features include easy stretch opening, reinforced heel and toe, cushioned sole, and arch support.

Safety First

tipperary vestA popular customizable safety vest is the Tippery Eventer. While initially designed for eventers, it is also worn by pleasure riders, foxhunters, and anyone else who is looking for some extra protection when they are riding.  It can be ordered with a variety of colors, and whatever trim, piping, and lace color you like! Say what?! All these customizable options are awesome!

Now, To Dress Your Horse…

If your horse needs bell boots, they can be a fun way to add some colors and there are so many color options and styles to suit every outfit.

Davis Bell Boots are some of our most popular bell boots and are designed for overreach protection. The Davis Bell Boots are contoured to the horse’s foot to minimize spinning. Made of a heavy-duty PVC compound, Davis Bell Boots are several times more durable than rubber boots, resisting rips and tears. Double-locking Velcro closures hold the boot securely in place.

Available in various colors in small, medium, large and extra large these bell boots come in whatever color you could possibly want!  Solid colors, pastel colors, neon color and even GLITTER colors you are sure to find your match. 

davis bell boots


Roma Ribbed Bell Boots has some more toned down color options to get your horse all decked out! They are made out of a durable PVC,  have double velcro closures and are an excellent value!!roma ribbed bell boots

Polo wraps are an easy way to spruce up your riding ensemble. Be sure to ask your trainer if you’re unsure of how to apply them properly. With polo wraps you can get as fun and crazy as you want.  Who says you just need to stick to one color when you’re wrapping your horse’s legs?! Our most popular brands are

keenelandThe Keeneland Polo wraps are made from a thick napped fleece design and the brushed, piled polyester fabric stretches and relaxes. As a result there’s plenty of “give” that makes these polo’s ideal for protecting the horse while allowing it to exercise with full freedom of movement. It’s durable and washable for ongoing use.

These polos are sold  in sets of four and of course they come in a choice of a variety of colors. Colors available are Navy, White, Wine, Gold, Lavender, Sage, Red, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Neon Green, Purple, Black, and Pastel Pink.

centaur polosCentaur Fleece Polo Wraps are an 8 oz. non-pill fleece polo wrap with more great colors! Why not protect your horse’s legs and look good doing it at the same time?! They are sold in a set of 4 with plastic carrying bag measuring 5″X9′.



PRI wrapsPRI Fleece Polo Wraps are a great set of fleece polos. The PRI Fleece Polo Wraps are made from soft fleece with velcro closure and they come in MORE fun colors!!! They are available in Orange (neon), Smoke Blue (Light Blue), White, Red, or Royal Blue and measures 5″ X 9′.



Halters and Leads

If you and your horse have team colors, you NEED to have a halter and lead rope to match your color obsession. I mean, you have to show up to your events with matching attire.

The Weaver Halter is a gorgeous nylon halter that come in two styles and some gorgeous colors to make sure you and your horse are all decked out in matching colors!

weaver breakawayThe Weaver Breakaway Halter is a quality 1″ nylon halter with a burgundy latigo leather crown for a convenient breakaway design to prevent injury should the horse become caught or tangled. It also features a brass plated double crown buckle, a sewn-in solid brass throat snap and a rolled throat design.

weaver halterThe Weaver Nylon Adjustable Halter is the original quality-made nylon halter you know and love from Weaver. Crafted for the ultimate in comfort, performance and beauty, this 1″ halter features heat-sealed oblong buckle holes, box-stitching at stress points and a rolled throat. Brass plated hardware except looped-on throat snap is solid brass.

perris leadPerri’s Poly Nylon is a great, colorful lead to snap to that gorgeous new halter. They are 8 feet long, are very sturdy, have a super soft feel in your hands and clip to the halter with a solid brass swivel snap.


fly veilFly Veils are to help keep bugs and other irritants out of your horses’ ears as well as to help to muffle the sounds of the crowd at a show but let’s be honest…we also love them because they are a fun accessory.  They look pretty, ok?  We think they look pretty and are another great way to wear your custom colors.


kalvalkade veil

The Kalvalcade Fly Veil is an exclusive handmade cotton fly veil with decorative cord and a perfect fit due to the special elastic material on the ears. The cotton triangle at the front is perfect for embroidering so you can customize your get up even more! These are available in White, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Anthracite (Grey) and Bordeaux (Maroon).

usgbaronessflyveilUSG Baroness Ear Net is going to be the accessory for you if you’re looking for a high quality ear net that has a little sparkle to it! The elegant Baroness fly veil is made from 100% cotton. These classic colors are accented with a beautiful trim and small clear crystals. The high elastic ear protection made from Lycra adapts perfect to the ears and therefore offers optimal wearing comfort and protection from flies. It is available in Full size only in Navy/Silver (pictured), White/Silver, Black/Silver, Royal/Silver or Red/Silver.

HFPIf you are sporting some unique colors look no further! The HFP Custom Trimmed Ear Nets has you covered and you can customize this fly veil with soooo many color options! You get to choose your ear net color AND you can choose either one color trim or TWO trim colors! It really is the perfect accessory to show off your eventing colors, barn colors, or just your favorite colors!HFP colors


We know you love your colorful attire and matching your horse!  So, for that perfect seasonal outfit and more color options visit to find your perfect matches and be sure to tag us on Facebook of you and your horse rocking your colors!



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