Get That Show Ring Sparkle: Bathing

19 Oct
It all starts with a good bath! Whether you’re going to a show, a clinic, or just would like to find the horse under all that dirt we have a few tips that will help you get your horse’s coat shining!!

It’s Bath Time

Dirty Horse

Sometimes even the most vigorous brushing doesn’t quite get your horse as clean as you would like it to be and if you have a grey horse you can pretty much guarantee that brushing won’t get those stains out.

Whether you’re headed to a show, a clinic or you’re just wanting to find the horse under all the dirt a good bath is in order.  We have a few tips and product recommendations for your bathing kit to help you get the job done and be show ready!

Let’s start from the beginning!

spray nozzleYou’re going to need a bucket, a hose, and a spray nozzle.

Having a spray nozzle with lots of different settings makes it much easier to control the flow of water making it a much more pleasant experience for both you and your horse. We want the horse to be the one getting the bath…not you.

Pick Your Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for the job is going to make your job much, much easier. We have a few shampoos that we really like!

effol_oceanstar-sprayshampoo_500ml-680x680px-Effol Ocean Star Spray is a revolutionary and user-friendly shampoo!! It’s awesome because you can spray it directly on your horse!! The active foam cleans deep into the pores and the pearl extracts give the coat an exquisite sheen. An additional panthenol cares for the coat and also makes it soft and shiny.  This shampoo does not have a de-greasing effect so the skin’s natural protection will be preserved.





-Quic Silver is a must have if you’re battling getting those grey horses or white socks clean. We have all been there trying to scrub the stains out of those white quic silvermarkings. Quic Silver Eliminates tough stains, including grass, manure and urine while deep-cleaning the coat and skin. Unlike a lot of whitening shampoos it contains no bleaches, bluing or other harsh chemicals, so it’s gentle and safe.  It leaves the coat soft, smooth and shiny.

 Although effective on all colors, Quic Silver is at it’s best on white-to-medium grays, albinos, creams and palominos… whether solid, Pinto/Paint or Appaloosa. It intensifies all light colors within the coat and highlights the silver in grays, the gold in palominos and the platinum in white.

effol concentrate


-Effol Shampoo Concentrate cleans mildly and thoroughly and is perfect for the coat, mane and tail. It has a refreshing and vitalizing effect and does not have a de-greasing effect so that the skin’s natural protection layer is preserved. For a silky, pearly shine  is is also very economical to use with over 40 shampoos per bottle!  Say what?!




-Some of our horses have some more sensitive or problematic skin.  Micro-tek Shampoo By Eqyss is the perfect shampoo solution for these guys because it is micro-tekthe fastest acting, most effective shampoo ever developed! It aids in the control of problems upon contact  combining ingredients to create the healthiest environment for healing. It is veterinarian recommended with a trademarked formula developed from NASA research on the decontamination of astronauts.

This shampoo will not burn or hurt open wounds. Controls dry flaky skin conditions. Recommended for use on sensitive areas such as the genitals. The fact that it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, contains no soap or harsh detergents and is safe for human cross-over use make its all the better!!



Once you have selected your shampoo squeeze an appropriate amount into your bucket (see the back of the bottle for more specific directions for each individual brand) and fill the bucket with water to create some suds! We’ll get back to that in a moment!Hose and bucket

Shower Time

Ok, before we go in with the soap and start scrubbing, spray your horse down with the hose.

It’s going to make your job much easier if the section that you’re working on is thoroughly wet before going in with the soap.

After the initial hose down, it may be helpful for you to work in smaller sections and re-wetting them as you go along with the shampoo. horse-bath-1.jpg

The Perfect Sponge For The Job

Everyone likes using different types of sponges to clean your horse so we have a few recommendations for you!  After you have picked your favorite, dunk it in the bucket of suds and work the shampoo into your horse’s coat in circular motions.

Using a sponge will help you use less shampoo and will help to lift the dirt off the skin and to the top of the hair.

scrubberspongeScrubber Sponge We love to have these sponges around the barn!!  It has a durable sponge on one side with tough scrubbing power on the other. It’s perfect for those really tough spots to get clean. Also, it’s available in to sizes: Medium (6″) or Large (7″)!


dogbonespongePoly Dog Bone Sponge  is shaped like a dog bone! The shape lets you grip the smaller area in the middle for a better grip on a bigger sponge.


-Equest has a variety of sponges and they are one of a kindTheir uniqueness starts with the way they are hand manufactured using high density grade polyester using a patented CFC-free process. Cruelty Free Tested. These durable sponges not only last for years, saving you money, they surpass today’s standards for vigorous environmental responsibility thus adding our small part towards the betterment of our environment.

Perfect for any project you can dream of and of course… bathing your horse! sponges are acid resistant, machine washable and they actually improve with repeated use… and abuse.  We have two that we really like in different sizes for every job:

Equest Large Rectangle Sponge equestlrgrectangularsponge


Equest “Soaker Jr.” Spongeequestsoakerjrsponge



Elbow Grease

jellyscurbmittSometimes getting your horse clean takes a bit more elbow grease than just a sponge.

If your horse is extra dirty a jelly scrubber or a grooming mitt may help to get the job done. 

The small rubber teeth or nodules will help to get down in the hair and to remove any built up dirt on the skin while giving your horse a gentle massage. They will love it and you will appreciate that extra scrubby power.


Tails take a little bit of extra love.  We recommend brushing out your horse’s tail before you tackle washing it!  Wet hair is more fragile and prone to breaking when it is wet so, if you take the time to detangle it before you shampoo it, you will minimize breakage helping to keep the tail both thick and full.

tail brushing

You may need some help with brushing out some of the tangles so here, go grab yourself one of these detanglers:

cowboy magic-Cowboy Magic is a well known detangler & shine product which contains extra silk protein that helps to detangler and leave the hair with a long-lasting silky shine. It penetrates and restores moisture while strengthening the hair. It not only is helpful in detangling hair but also as a way to help remove those pesky burrs and seed tacks. This product is formulated to be equal to or better than the very best and most expensive human products on the market today.


showsheen-Showsheen is one of the best products on the market and gets your horse show ring ready. It keeps manes and tails tangle free and is not affected by water or liniment baths. This product also repels dust and dirt while preventing stains from manure, grass, or urine. Leaves your horse with a sheen that can’t be beaten!





EQyss Survivor-EQyss Survivor- Super Detangler is a detangler with a unique blend of ingredients which creates the greatest detangler and shine product ever developed. It can be used either wet or dry making it a great addition at bath time. It’s alcohol free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for human use!




You can use the suds in your bucket to wash the tail or apply a little bit in your hands to work through the strands of the hair.  Oftentimes the strands of hair in the tail can hold on to build up and dirt so using your hands to really massage in the shampoo can be really effective without causing damage to the hair.

Rinse Cycle

After you have your horse suds’ and scrubbed up its time to rinse away all that dirt.  If you’re out in the sun it may be best for you to wash and rinse each side of your horse individually.  The shampoo and dirt mixture can dry up and make it a little harder to rinse away.

Work your way from the front of the horse to the back of the horse to effectively rinse away all the dirt and shampoo. Horse Bath 2

You may have to go over your horse a few times with the hose to get it all off. Just be sure to try and do the best that you can to remove all the shampoo!!

Drying Time

After you’re done rinsing your horse, we recommend giving it time to dry thoroughly before turning them out. effolorca

You know that they are going to immediately roll so it’s going to do less damage if they aren’t wet.  We love, love, love the orca sweat scraper to flick away the majority of the water that has built up in your horse’s hair.  Doing a thorough job of scraping the water off is going to help cut down on drying time.

Using a cooler after you’re finished bathing can help to wick away the moisture quickly and prevent them from getting dirty while you wait for them to dry.

Centaur Turbo Dry Cooler is made from specially constructed fabric that wicks moisture 3 times faster.

centaur turbo dryTurbo-Dry offers maximum sweat evaporation to get your horse really dry, really fast. Comfortable stretch fabric is specially treated to virtually eliminate static. Sheet features t-lock and hook & loop front closure, single surcingle, and tail cord. Perfect for drying your horse out quickly after a bath without the chance of them getting dirty…again.

-Rambo Airmax Cooler  is a unique cooler made from polyester airmesh. This material is a breathable lightweight cooler for those hot days at a competition or in a stable. This blanket allows maximum ventilation so sweat can be released effectively. Classic front double surcingle closure with cross surcingles for the belly and a tail strap. Perfect for those hot days after a bath!

Make It Last

After your horse is done drying using a grooming spray is a great way to help your clean horse last longer.  Not only will it help your horse to be ultra shiny and soft but it will help your horses’ hair to repel dirt and dust! shiny horse

Spray your horse down with the grooming spray and use a soft brush to work it into the hair.  Do not apply it to where your saddle will sit because you don’t want your saddle to slip and slide.

vetrolinshineprodimg-Vetroline Shine instantly adds a long-lasting, healthy sheen to any coat. It’s vitamin-rich conditioners keep manes and tails tangle-free. PABA sunscreen protects skin and hair while out in the sun. The familiar Vetrolin fragrance will not attract insects. Contains vitamin B5 to enhance your horse’s natural shine making that bath stretch out longer!




effol_superstar-shine-Effol Superstar-Shine  will give your horse a more brilliant shine than ever before  but without the coat, mane and tail taking on an artificial feel. Grooming becomes easier and the effect is guaranteed to last for several days. The Shine-Spray will help you to undo tangles as well as remove particles of shavings, straw etc. with virtually no effort during grooming the tail and mane will take on more body and bounce as well as greater volume. It will also successfully overcome the problem of split, dry hair. The skin-friendliness has been dermatologically tested and classified as “very good”.

-Showsheen is one of the best products on the market and gets your horse show ring ready. It keeps manes and tails tangle free and is not affected by water or liniment baths. This product also repels dust and dirt while preventing stains from manure, grass, or urine. Leaves your horse with a sheen that can’t be beaten!

Now your horse should be so shiny, soft and ready to turn some heads!! For all your grooming necessities visit!  Show us your squeaky clean horse! If you use any of the products that we recommended, we would love to see your horse.  Tag us on Facebook!!




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